8 in 10 Kiosk Users Demonstrate High Ad Recall: A Pursuant Health Case Study

by Gillian Marshall


Pursuant Health’s national kiosk network utilizes real-time technology and advanced targeting capabilities to educate, influence and empower health-conscious consumers. With over 3,500 health kiosks located in popular retail pharmacies within 10% of the U.S. population, Pursuant Health reaches an average of 2.5 to 3 million users every month. Because of this expansive reach and ability to communicate with health-conscious consumers located in retail environments, the kiosk platform is a highly effective advertising tool for health-related products and awareness campaigns.






In September 2016, Pursuant Health ran a four-month digital advertising campaign for a Chronic Dry Eye product (Product X) on the Company’s national kiosk network. For this campaign, Product X sought to create awareness for Chronic Dry Eye (CDE) and encourage individuals experiencing CDE to talk to their eye doctor or pharmacist about their symptoms.

Utilizing the kiosk’s multi-element digital advertising platform, Pursuant Health delivered an awareness campaign for Product X with the following objectives:


  •      Reach & engage health-minded consumers in the pharmacy
  •      Concentrate on education
  •      Create awareness
  •      Capitalize on Pursuant Health’s existing vision assessment
  •      Convert passivity into action



To evaluate the effectiveness of Pursuant Health’s campaign for Product X, a research vendor interviewed 600 individuals to identify qualified respondents to provide program insights. From the 600 surveys conducted, qualified respondents were selected for Test (n=201) and Control (n=199) groups. Both groups were tested on a set of performance metrics and the following measures were used to determine the campaign’s effectiveness:


  •      Baseline awareness of the brand
  •      Likelihood to research the brand
  •      Likelihood to talk to pharmacist/eye doctor about CDE
  •      Campaign Recall






Pursuant Health’s campaign for Product X performed well on key performance metrics, specifically for campaign recall and likelihood to take action. Individuals in the Test group (those that saw an advertisement for Product X on a Pursuant Health kiosk) had high recall of the campaign messaging and were more likely to speak to their doctor or pharmacist about Chronic Dry Eye (CDE).

Product X effectively resonated with kiosk users and succeeded in making a lasting impression for those who were exposed to the campaign. As indicated in the results below, eight-in-ten of individuals in the Test group recalled the CDE advertising. Furthermore, for these individuals that recalled the ad, the topmost recalled message (43%) was “Talk to your eye doctor about CDE.” When asked to describe the main point of the ad, 20% said it was “to ask your eye doctor/pharmacist about CDE.”





In addition to demonstrating strong ad recall, kiosk users who encountered the CDE advertisements expressed greater intent to take action—either by talking to an eye doctor or pharmacist about CDE or by researching Product X. With 86% of individuals in the Test group expressing likelihood to speak to their eye doctor about CDE, Product X was successful in communicating the desired messaging and call to action.






Pursuant Health’s unique digital advertising platform is a highly effective way to target health-minded audiences and engage desired consumers. The CDE awareness campaign for Product X achieved all campaign objectives by successfully educating kiosk users about Chronic Dry Eye, spreading awareness about the symptoms of the condition and inspiring users to talk to a doctor or pharmacist about CDE. With the high percentage of individuals who expressed a likelihood to research Product X and seek medical information about CDE, Product X increased brand awareness and consumer growth. Pursuant Health’s campaign for Product X demonstrates the platform’s ability to target, engage and communicate with a broad range of consumers.



Gillian Marshall
Product Manager



Gillian Marshall is a Product Manager at Pursuant Health with background in social marketing and health communication. Gillian earned a Master in Public Health in Health Promotion and Behavior from the University of Georgia.


To see this full case study and learn more about Pursuant Health’s digital advertising capabilities, please contact:  sales@pursuanthealth.com