With only two months left before 2018 HEDIS season begins, how do health plans prepare for next year’s projects and stay ahead of the game?

Pursuant Health Director of Quality Alvonice Spencer recently shared actionable insights that quality managers can use to deliver improved results across all domains of care. These six strategies cover some of the key components of HEDIS programs, such as vendor utilization and key provider data updates. Health plans that take the necessary action before year’s end are better prepared to succeed come January.

“Health plans likely completed a recap immediately following the HEDIS 2017 season,” said Spencer. “But now is a good time to reconvene a small of group stakeholders to discuss what worked well and what didn’t in the context of preparing for HEDIS 2018.”

Spencer gives tips that every group can use going into the 2018 HEDIS season. In order to fully prepare for next year, however, health plans and providers should start by looking back at this year and then make the necessary changes based on what worked and what didn’t. For more information, you can read the article in full here.

Are you gearing up for the 2018 HEDIS season? Pursuant Health has the resources needed to accurately capture the data that increases positive outcomes, and engagement that rewards healthy behaviors. To find out how we can help deliver the best data points for all of your 2018 HEDIS programs, contact Henry McAlpin at henry.mcalpin@pursuanthealth.com.

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