Attracting, retaining and engaging Medicare Advantage customers is the primary charge for plan marketers across the country. The 2018 Medicare Market Innovations Forum was full of practical, actionable ways to successfully accomplish that mission. Pursuant Health’s Henry McAlpin was there and offers the following insights.

From the 30,000 foot level:

  • Test alternative acquisition channels. Implement a multi-modal communication approach to see incremental increases in reach. “For Medicare, success starts and ends with data. It’s all about attracting and retaining our best customers.” – Leah Smith, VP Strategy & Client Relations, Anderson Direct & Digital
  • Leverage a local, retail presence. Provide member focused atmospheres that improve their experience and lead to high member retention. Pursuant Health can help with this through our network of over 3,600 wellness kiosks in Walmart pharmacies nationwide.

“Through geo-fencing technology in the retail environment – [Pursuant Health] captures [your] prospects in the Walmart pharmacy. They identify you as Medicare eligible, track you, retarget you, nurture you and ultimately educate you about the plan.” – John Sowell, Head of Medicare Strategic Distribution, Aetna

John described his daily mission in Medicare as: finding new sales channels and greater efficiencies, improving profitability and keeping pace with the customer.

  • Build recognition – as discussed by Jason Tolbert, Manager of Medicare Sales, Retention, and Retail Operations for Viva Health. Know your market and target them with specific messages for certain counties, market factors, and accentuating plan strengths. Combat your competitors’ large marketing budgets with grassroots sales efforts and convenience factors. The faster you can adjust your message in reaction to market changes, the more competitive your plan will be.

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Pursuant Health works with 6 of the 10 largest Managed Care Organizations in the United States to attract, retain, educate and engage members, ultimately improving outcomes while providing a convenient experience for members. If you’d like to know more about the how and why, contact Henry McAlpin via email: .