Reach Consumers While They Are
Engaged in Their Health

Reach Consumers While They Are Engaged in Their Health

infographic showing advertisement targeting capabilities

The Pursuant Health platform connects millions of engaged individuals with relevant brands and content. Due to convenient, in-store kiosk placements, customers can be reached while they are aisles away from products. With our patent pending RTI targeting logic, personalized advertising content can be delivered based on age, ethnicity, gender, symptoms, health risks, and for customized questions. The network extends across all 50 states and Puerto Rico with over 3,600 retail pharmacy locations, including Walmart, Safeway and Schnucks Markets. Over 40 million engagements lasting an average of 3-4 minutes each are achieved each year within this network.

  • 70% of purchase decision are made in-store
  • 68% of purchases are impulsive
  • 68% of consumers are brand switchers

Consumer Buying Habits Study, Point-of-Purchase Advertising Institute, Nielsen Media Research


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Digital Signage

Proven to bring incremental in-store sales lift, the Pursuant Health kiosk offers advertising via an eye-level digital monitor that broadcasts to the entire pharmacy area of a high-traffic retail location. The monitor provides a constant loop of videos, animations and static images. The highly visible nature of the placement allows for broad exposure during the shopping experience.
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Interactive Banners and Video

As with web and mobile digital advertising platforms, the Pursuant Health kiosk offers skyscraper, leaderboard and super-leaderboard placements within the kiosk’s touchscreen interface. With Pursuant Health’s flexible advertising platform, these ads may consist of static imagery or video. Hyper-target your audience based on demographics and specific health conditions while heightening brand awareness.
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Interstitial Video

Achieve industry-leading engagement by advertising on a kiosk that guarantees a 100% video completion rate. The interstitial video is seamlessly displayed during blood pressure and BMI screenings and during the results preparation period.
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The kiosk’s interactive assessments are customized so that advertisers can easily identify health-conscious consumers that have a need for their particular product.  Reach highly-targeted, motivated consumers while in the shopping environment.
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Pursuant Health offers a unique merchandising campaign that couples digital advertising and merchandising to enrich the user experience while boosting brand awareness and in-store sales lift. The kiosk acts as a vehicle for new product sampling by providing engaged consumers with immediate access and ability to purchase a product after viewing it on the kiosk .
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Lead Generation

Generate valuable leads by connecting specific brands with engaged consumers who meet targeted criteria.
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Surveys completed on the Pursuant Health kiosk deliver meaningful insights for shoppers, manufacturers, pharmaceutical marketers and employers by delivering valuable feedback from engaged users.
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