Health Management Just Got Easier

The Pursuant Health team has been working hard to improve our health kiosk and give our users the best experience possible. We’re excited to share some positive changes to our kiosks that make checking in with your health faster, easier and more enjoyable. With these new health management features, including the ADA diabetes risk test and retinal screening capabilities, you can now:

Discover your Health Age:  Are your health habits making you older or younger? Take our new Health Age assessment to find out how your day-to-day behaviors could be slowing down—or speeding up—how your body ages.  You can learn more about the Health Age assessment here.

Set a weight goal:  Visit the kiosk to set a weight goal – and reach it. Whether your goal is to lose or gain weight, there are several options you can select to reach a healthy weight. The kiosk will record your progress from each visit and keep you on track to meet your goal.

Track your progress:  Use your Pursuant Health account to track your health progress and see how your weight, blood pressure and Health Age change over time. The kiosk will remember your information from each visit and show the trends in your personal health data.

Checking in with your health is easy with over 3,600 kiosks in stores across the country. You can find a Pursuant Health kiosk at your local retailers including Walmart, Sam’s Club, Safeway, Schnucks Markets, Vons, Tom Thumb and Randalls. Learn more about our network to find your closest kiosk and pay us a visit today!