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by Nick Lopez



Companies waste a lot of money on advertising. What’s even more surprising is how much companies spend before an ad is even shown. According to a 2016 study, companies increased digital advertising by over 50% of their overall marketing budget. An ad is supposed to gain a consumer’s attention and clearly explain why they need a certain product. Companies do this through extensive consumer research that costs thousands of dollars to gather. The digital age has made it easier to collect customer data, but with digital advertising the trouble isn’t accumulating that data: it’s about attention. According to a study by Google a staggering 46% of online display ads are never viewed. Consumers are exposed to thousands of ads each day and have grown used to digital content. The user doesn’t come to the internet to see ads. They’re searching for other information and quickly skip over them. Companies spend millions on advertising each year and use the information gathered as a base. This research is a worthy investment for businesses to better understand who they’re advertising to and why the consumer should buy the product—but is it enough?

Behind every ad, there is data that determined the ad’s specific placement, audience and channel. However,  a well-placed, data-driven ad doesn’t always lead to engagement. To achieve meaningful consumer healthcare engagement, an ad must captivate an individual in a way that delivers a lasting impression that remains after the visual is no longer present. The real way to captivate your target market is to take advantage of their attention. The possibility of attention is why companies place healthcare products on WebMD or home improvement products on a hardware website. Companies use data to show ads to select users who have the highest chance of being interested in their product or service. Pharmaceutical companies also use search data to target ads, but due to protected health information (PHI), there is a limit to the information that can be gathered. This stipulation makes it difficult for individual healthcare companies to find the opportunity to reach the consumer and grab their attention.

After finding and capturing the data through rigorous testing and creating the strategy for engaging user’s attention, companies are still left wondering if they’re truly reaching the perfect consumer. At Pursuant Health, we use our national network of over 3,500 health kiosks to pinpoint exactly when, where and how your content should be displayed. We offer a variety of packages that give you the data and opportunity to get your product in front of the right consumer. Through our complex real-time targeting technology, we can target ads to specific users based on gender, age, ethnicity, location and even health screening results.

As our anonymous users interact with our kiosk, we use tracking data to display the best possible ad for each user, and this gives companies an excellent opportunity to raise awareness for their products. This health and user data, not to mention an opportunity for consumer’s attention, are unmatched in the in-store digital advertising market. Our kiosks, conveniently located in Walmart, Safeway, and Schnucks pharmacies across the U.S., give plenty of insightful data to help you make the most out of your healthcare marketing campaigns. As a business, you’ve already done extensive research about your target market, but it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have an opportunity to gain the user’s attention. So, stop wasting money on ads that have no opportunity. Pursuant Health has a comprehensive network of data, allowing us to give companies the platform they need to raise awareness and drive sales.

Nick Lopez
Digital Media Coordinator


Nick Lopez is a Digital Media Coordinator at Pursuant Health with a background in digital marketing and business communication. For the past 2 years, Nick has managed social media and national advertising campaigns for Fortune 500 companies. He’s used his experience to create a blog where he writes about digital marketing.

For more information on how Pursuant Health Advertising Campaigns use digital advertising on kiosks to boost brand awareness and increase sales, please contact: sales@pursuanthealth.com.