An independent study of Traditional Medicinals Teas’ kiosk-based retail pharmacy promotional campaign shows high levels of brand recollection among shoppers in Walmart locations across the country.

From a recent piece in Drug Store News:

Pursuant Health’s recent assessment of the effectiveness of campaigns reaching Walmart shoppers through its kiosks has revealed a big marketing opportunity for brands.

Among patients who had visited a Walmart pharmacy, 94% said they recalled seeing a health kiosk. Among those, 73% said they recalled the Traditional Medicinals Teas advertisements.

Pursuant Health has always acknowledged the importance of providing access to free health assessments and education to consumers while they’re engaged in a health-focused retail setting. This third-party study demonstrates the value of our platform for brand campaigns and relevant product recommendations as well.

The assessment further revealed that patients spent an average of four minutes watching the TV or touchscreen. This measurement is considered significant because, according to a report in IPG Mediabrands’ Media Lab, 65% of consumers skip online video advertisements.

Vice President of Advertising Sales, Stephanie Myers, shared that the pharmacy setting offers marketers a unique opportunity, particularly given the pharmacy’s role in the healthcare continuum.

“There are several obstacles that prevent the majority of Americans from seeing a doctor, making the pharmacy an incredibly important touchpoint in the consumer’s health and wellness journey.”

Over 140 million people shop at Walmart each week. In a recent webinar, Senior Director of Payer Relations for Walmart Jodi Prohofsky explained how Walmart customers engage with their health in the retail environment.

“They’re picking up medications or getting an immunization in our pharmacy,” Ms. Prohofsky said. “They might be seeing one of our eye doctors or picking out frames in our Optical Center. They’re being seen maybe by a nurse practitioner in one of our clinics. They may be doing a health risk assessment at a Pursuant Health kiosk — and they’re doing all of this in addition to buying their vitamins, over the counter items, fresh foods and exercise equipment.

“For us, health care begins at Walmart because it begins where the patient, the member or the customer is,” said Prohofsky. “And, they are definitely at Walmart.”

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