The Pursuant Health platform provides employers with critical health data needed to identify wellness trends, target at-risk individuals and effectively influence behavior change. Utilizing multi-channel engagement and real-time rewards, Pursuant Health engages employees to complete activities including an NCQA-certified population health risk assessment and kiosk-based biometric screenings.

Our evidence-based approach to employee wellness programs provides employers with a screening solution that is highly accessible, efficient in capturing comprehensive population data and convenient for employees and spouses with varying shifts and schedules.     


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Pursuant Health meets people where they are while they are engaged in their health – and this includes the web. With our state-of-the art website, individuals have the ability to take health risk assessments, monitor their health, and compare current and historical statistics.
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Because 79 percent of Americans live within 10 miles of a Pursuant Health kiosk, health and wellness companies, along with advertising agencies, find high value in partnering with Pursuant Health to make more out of their healthcare marketing budgets.

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Engaging in Pursuant Health’s mobile platform is just as easy as getting on your phone! With our mobile site, users can log in and view their dashboard, which lays out historical data and current data and allows users to continually monitor their health.

Wellness is Inconvenient. We’re Fixing That.

At Pursuant Health, we believe that convenience is the key to maximizing engagement. By combining our accessible activity channels with real-time rewards, we provide employers with the critical health data needed to identify wellness trends, target at-risk individuals and effectively influence behavior change through employee wellness programs.

Pursuant Health’s multi-channel platform offers web, mobile, on-site kiosk health kiosks and a national retail network to help employers accomplish three main goals:




Reaching Employees Anytime, Anywhere

In addition to our national retail network, Pursuant Health installs health kiosks on employer campuses in order to provide maximum accessibility to population health risk assessments for employees and spouses. Rather than having to adjust their schedules to accommodate a doctor’s visit or attend an organized health screening, employees have 24/7 access to the kiosks. These conveniences allow for those who work nontraditional hours or in remote locations to easily utilize the kiosks.

Our national kiosk network ensures easy access for most employees, especially those in remote locations. 79% of the U.S. population lives within 10 miles of a Pursuant Health self-service kiosk (HIPAA-Compliant, FDA-Cleared Class II Medical Device).

Over 40 million health screenings in 2016 with average time of 5-7 minutes for completion.

One-Stop Shop for Data Collection

By utilizing a two-tiered approach that couples our NCQA-Certified Health Risk Assessment and kiosk-based non-invasive biometric testing, the screening process is one all-inclusive task that takes the average user 5-7 minutes. The streamlined tests, combined with geographic accessibility, eradicate the barriers that often prevent health screenings.

In addition to being efficient for users, the kiosk significantly simplifies the data collection process for employers by streamlining the screening process, eliminating paper transmission and reducing touch points.

Avoid Wasted Spend & Ineffective Use of Resources

Wellness resources such as educational campaigns, challenges, interventions and incentives are often times not appropriately focused or targeted. Without understanding an employee population, employers lack the ability to deliver effective employee wellness programs.

The data collected by the Pursuant Health’s platform provides employers with the information they need to understand their employee population and efficiently allocate resources. With this comprehensive data set, employers can design more specific and effective programs that focus on prevalent risk factors and promote effective disease management. If such initiatives are successful in improving the health of participants, costs can be saved in healthcare coverage.

Medical Cost Avoidance

Pursuant Health aims to address the two primary challenges in employee health and wellness screening: low engagement and high fixed cost. The Pursuant Health wellness platform is unique in that it provides unlimited automated screenings, versus the typical annual wellness programs that require manual collection and awkward clinical settings on campus.

The value of the Pursuant Health platform versus manual collection methods increases with each biometric measurement, as the cost of the Pursuant Health platform stays constant while manual collection costs increase.

We help avoid unnecessary costs resulting from over-screening with our two-tiered approach to biometrics. Only employees who need further screening based on health status indicators receive follow up testing. For example, following USPSTF Screening recommendations for Cholesterol tests can reduce those tests by over 70%.

Market Leading Engagement and Completion Rates

For a 90 day period between August 4th and November 1st, LifeWork Strategies and Pursuant Health embarked on a pilot to test the effectiveness of self-service kiosks in obtaining meaningful health data in a manner that was both accessible and convenient for Adventist HealthCare employees and their spouses. During this time, the 7,200 eligible participants in the employee wellness program used Pursuant Health kiosks to take both their biometric tests (including BMI, weight, pulse and blood pressure) and complete an NCQA-Certified health risk assessment (HRA) in one highly-convenient visit.

91% of Employees and 70% of spouses

Throughout the 90 day pilot period, 91% of health plan employees and 70% of health plan spouses engaged with the Pursuant Health kiosk.

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Continuing after the pilot period, 51% of participants plan to use the kiosk at least once and month and 75% plan to use the kiosk at least once a quarter.

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82% of the health plan members could see the value in using the Pursuant Health kiosks.

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82% of the health plan members could see the value is using the Pursuant Health kiosks.

Out of the 644 participants surveyed, 74% of users preferred completing the health risk assessment (HRA) on the kiosk over the computer.

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of users found that using the kiosk was an easy experience.

Our Health Risk Assessment:

The Pursuant Health kiosk captures biometric measurements during the Health Risk Assessment, creating a one-stop destination for participants that provides immediate feedback on their health. Typically, both the biometric screening and Population Health Risk Assessment can be completed in less than 10 minutes.

ADA Diabetes Risk Test

Pursuant Health and American Diabetes Association entered into partnership in 2016 to launch diabetes risk test on Pursuant Health’s user-friendly network. The image-based 5-7 minute health risk assessment includes Biometric readings such as Blood Pressure, Pulse, BMI, and Weight. The kiosk automatically captures user demographics (age, gender, ethnicity).  Biometrics are measured in real-time (weight, BMI, blood pressure).

Improve the health of your employee population and change high risk behavior in a financially responsible way. Contact Henry McAlpin using the contact form below.