Wellness is Inconvenient. We’re Fixing That.

At Pursuant Health, we believe that convenience is the key to maximizing engagement. Due to the convenience of our national kiosk network, millions of individuals utilize our platform each month to manage their health and wellness, even without financial incentives. We work with your population to provide an accessible network powered by personalized accounts, innovative health management solutions, targeted messaging, and convenient, non-invasive biometric screenings. To assess the health of your population and change high-risk behaviors, we work with world-renowned experts from Cleveland Clinic Wellness to bring individualized solutions with proven outcomes and a strong return on investment.


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Biometric Screenings

Pursuant Health revolutionizes biometric data collection by offering a two-tiered approach to screenings as recommended by the United Stated Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF).
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1st Tier (Non-Invasive)

As determined by the USPSTF, the biometric screenings that receive A&B level recommendations for all adults are blood pressure and obesity (as measured by calculated BMI). Additionally, it is recommended to ask all adults about tobacco usage and other information regarding cessation services.

2nd Tier (Bloodwork)

Pursuant Health stratifies the employer’s population to determine which individuals are recommended to have blood work, and will communicate directly with those participants to easily complete their blood work screenings through convenient options (lab, home test kit, retail pharmacy or physician form).

Health Risk Assessment

The Pursuant Health kiosk captures biometric measurements during the Health Risk Assessment, creating a one-stop destination for participants that provides immediate feedback on their health. Typically, both the biometric screening and Health Risk Assessment can be completed in less than 10 minutes.
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Interactive Health Assessment

Pursuant Health and Cleveland Clinic Wellness have developed a next-generation interactive Health Assessment that combines unique features of the kiosk experience with intuitive, image-based questions and responses provided by Cleveland Clinic’s world-renowned behavioral change experts. Taking the Health Risk Assessment at the Pursuant Health kiosk captures biometric data in real time, includes visual and audio components and integrates with coaching programs.
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Pursuant Health works with your current Health Assessment provider to incorporate their assessment into our engaging, touch-screen kiosk experience. Your Hosted Health Assessment can be taken at any Pursuant Health kiosk in the national and worksite networks.
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Population Health Analytics

Pursuant Health enables you to improve your populations’ health by identifying which behaviors have significant impacts on health outcomes and then focusing on them. Our data scientists utilize population health data from our 65 million engagements to establish benchmarks for your participants. The data is further stratified to identify risks through predictive analytics.
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Pursuant Health has the advantage of high engagement levels, allowing our wellness solution to provide valuable reporting on population health. Pursuant Health provides standard monthly reports to gain insight on your population and decide where improvements can be made.
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The Pursuant Health kiosk’s digital communication platform can be utilized to broadcast a variety of messages pertaining to wellness programs, open enrollment periods and other workplace activities. Our digital content feature is unique in that it can be targeted to individuals by both demographics and risk levels. Pursuant Health provides simple, easy to understand communication methods to maximize engagement of both employees and spouses. We believe regularly checking biometrics increases the opportunity to improve outcomes. However, most participants need some sort of motivation to make the process a habit. Pursuant Health employs a continuous engagement approach by providing regular email campaigns, administration, direct mailers to participants and events such as contests and challenges.
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Pursuant Health partners with Cleveland Clinic Wellness and provides access to their industry-leading behavioral change programs. Individuals can easily register for any of the programs while using the Pursuant Health kiosk. Programs are recommended to users based on questions they answer in their health assessment as well as through biometric risk targeting. Have an existing coaching program? Pursuant Health can integrate it into the kiosk experience. Users have the opportunity to express their interest in programs, resulting in enrollment leads that can be submitted to the coaching vendor.
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Health Kiosk

Pursuant Health offers convenient access by placing kiosks at employer worksites as well as providing access to our national network of retail pharmacy locations. An identical user experience is provided at both worksite and retail kiosks to make program communications simple for employees and spouses.
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Premium Account

Pursuant Health’s core feature of the employer wellness offering is the premium account. Premium accounts are easily configurable to match an employer’s corporate branding standards with targeted messaging for their health and wellness programs. The kiosk allows for the collection of customizable electronic HIPAA consent forms and allows account holders to easily track and trend valuable biometric data online, on a mobile device and at any Pursuant Health kiosk. Premium account holders can choose to share data with physicians through email, mobile phone, fax and printable health results as well as integrate wearables and health devices like glucometers, fitness trackers, wireless scales and blood pressure cuffs.
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Device and App. Integration

We offer seamless integration with wearables and health devices such as glucometers, fitness trackers, wireless scales and blood pressure cuffs. By allowing participants to choose how they commit to their health, Pursuant Health creates a meaningful experience and generates ongoing engagement.
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