Health Management Associates (HMA) is hosting their third annual conference on October 1-2, 2018, in Chicago. The theme of this year’s HMA Conference is “The Rapidly Changing World of Medicaid: Opportunities and Pitfalls for Payers, Providers and States.”

HMA is an independent national research and consulting firm in the healthcare industry. They aim to improve the way publicly funded healthcare works by developing healthcare delivery systems to translate complex data into useful insights. And the 2018 conference speaking faculty is certain to generate state of the Medicaid landscape insights we can apply to our health plan partners’ engagement and incentivization programs immediately.

Session topics about which we’re most excited: community engagement, social determinants of health and managing chronically ill patients. Why? We are always looking for ways we can improve the way our population health platform, including more than 4,000 wellness kiosks in Walmart and Safeway pharmacy locations across America, incentivizes members to engage in healthy behavior.

“Wellness begins at Walmart because it begins where the patient, the member or the customer is and they are definitely [here],” says Jodi Prohofsky, Senior Director of Payer Relations for Walmart Stores, Inc. “Walmart shoppers represent America. They are of all ages and all socioeconomic backgrounds. Today we’re partnering with many [health] plans who need to engage with their members and look to Walmart to help with this engagement because those members are already in our stores.”

A recent webinar explored how health plan quality managers can engage difficult-to-reach populations in the retail environment.

Translating member data into actionable insights is always our goal in order to provide relevant solutions for increasing member engagement in difficult to reach populations, reducing overall healthcare costs, and improving health outcomes. We do this every single day for six out of the top 10 managed care organizations in the United States.

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