Healthcare Engagement Made Easy

Pursuant Health’s wellness screening kiosks make it easier than ever to engage with your health, know your risks, and make positive lifestyle changes. The Pursuant Health wellness screening kiosk is a one-stop shop for preventive care and risk assessment. With a national network of thousands of health kiosks located within retail pharmacies, users can complete a non-invasive biometric screening that includes key health indicators, such as weight, blood pressure, BMI and pulse. Our kiosks also include an NCQA-certified health risk assessment (HRA), which allows users to engage with their health, discover possible risk factors, and intervene before future complications can arise. All of our kiosk-based screenings take an average of 5-7 minutes to complete, with results available immediately following completion.

Our Health Kiosk Provide:

Health risk assessments

Biometric screening

Diabetes Risk Test

Real-Time Intervention Capabilities

Program Information

Tracking and Trending

Incentives Administration

And More!

One-Stop Shop For Data Collection

It’s no secret that encouraging individuals to engage with their health can be a challenge, especially when it involves an inconvenient doctor visit or time-consuming health checks. By leveraging our national network of health kiosks, located within 10 miles of 79% of the U.S. population, Pursuant Health can help benefits administrators and wellness program coordinators save time and money by offering easy access to quick health screenings, regardless of an individual’s schedule or location. We also install kiosks on various campuses in order to provide the utmost convenience and accessibility for your population. And with our incentive management capabilities, you can instantly reward individuals for engaging with their health. The Pursuant Health wellness screening kiosk provides value to employers and health plans looking to better understand their population’s health. Our kiosk platform provides a seamless experience for both the user and wellness programs administrators, allowing you to efficiently execute preventive care and health incentive programs — all from one easy-to-use health kiosk. Unlike traditional health data collection that involves cumbersome paperwork and useless information, Pursuant Health can create customized wellness programs to fit your goals while delivering all the data you need and none of what you don’t.

Health Plans

Engage members in an entirely new and innovative way with our population health management solutions. 

Wellness Brands

Reach health-minded consumers and promote your brand with our in-store advertising opportunities.