We turn populations into individuals.

We turn populations into individuals.

Through a national retail network of health kiosks, we support Health Plans with engagement tools and collection of health-related information. Pursuant Health’s solution reduces data collection costs, aligns with member incentive programs and helps plans improve quality measures.

With the millions of elderly and chronically ill individuals in managed care programs, comprehensive population health screenings are more critical– and more challenging– than ever. Pursuant Health’s platform utilizes kiosk-based health screenings to engage members and capture critical data. The kiosk conducts a comprehensive screening by collecting non-invasive biometric data along with a health risk assessment (co-developed by Cleveland Clinic Wellness) to provide health plans with a complete health profile for their members. With the ability to stratify health risks and identify care gaps for every individual, health plans can effectively engage members, improve plan quality ratings and control costs.

  • 27 million potential Exchange (ACA) members
  • 52 million Medicare members
  • 70 million Medicaid/CHIP members

Kaiser Family Foundation 2015 Estimates, kff.org


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Immunization Real-Time Incentive Program

Boost quality scores and control medical costs with a unique program that provides members with immediate financial incentives for receiving immunizations (e.g. flu shots, shingles, etc) at convenient, low-cost retail pharmacies nationwide.  During the visit, members can be educated on preventive care, receive biometric screenings, and learn about ER Diversion programs.
Contact us to learn more about our Immunization Real-Time Incentive Program.

Health Risk Assessments 

Pursuant Health users take over 600,000 HRAs per month.  Co-developed with Cleveland Clinic Wellness, Pursuant Health offers a proprietary HRA that is image-based, NCQA-Compliant, and captures accurate biometric measurements, all within 4-6 minutes.  Pursuant Health can also host Health Plan or State-specific HRAs and return responses to a central server in real-time.
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Risk Adjustment Solution

To maintain profitability, it is critical for Health Plans to identify and accurately code for health risks in populations under management.  Pursuant Health offers a patent-pending risk scoring algorithm that provides initial screenings and offers convenience for members to take the steps needed for Home Health and Telehealth interventions.
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Chronic Condition Management

Identify high-cost chronic conditions in members and provide them with a convenient program to manage their health while encouraging and rewarding healthy behaviors.  Pursuant Health integrates educational modules, controlled-spend programs, and valuable biometric data into a single, convenient platform in low-cost retail pharmacies nationwide.
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Telehealth/Retail Clinic

The national Pursuant Health network complements both Telehealth providers and Retail Clinics by providing a self-service hub for capturing comprehensive health information. The network acts as an extension for brick and mortar models, and provides real-time intervention opportunities to facilitate Telehealth visits. Additionally, information collected by Pursuant Health can be shared with providers immediately via secure APIs, creating more streamlined and efficient clinician visits.
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Biometric Data Collection

Provide an easy and convenient way to encourage members to “know their numbers”.  Data can be shared back with Health Plan sponsors, and member incentives can be issued while the member is at a kiosk using Pursuant Health’s patent-pending real-time incentive program.
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