“Wellness begins at Walmart because it begins where the patient, the member or the customer is and they are definitely [here],” says Jodi Prohofsky, Senior Director of Payer Relations for Walmart Stores, Inc. “Walmart shoppers represent America. They are of all ages and all socioeconomic backgrounds. Today we’re partnering with many [health] plans who need to engage with their members and look to Walmart to help with this engagement because those members are already in our stores.”

A recent webinar explored how health plan quality managers can engage difficult-to-reach populations in the retail environment.

Pursuant Health works for 3 of the 5 largest U.S. health plans and helps direct their members towards the completion of healthy assessments and incentivize healthy behavior in the retail setting through nearly 3,000 health stations in Walmart’s nationwide averaging 2-3 million screenings per month.

“The retail setting provides several opportunities to deliver real-time interventions,” says Pursuant Health Chief Revenue Officer, Ryan Sloan. “It all starts with a coordinated approach to communication.”

Pursuant Health utilizes texting, email, geofencing, IVR, digital retargeting, direct mail, and proprietary in-store health station networks to connect with and engage health plan members.

“There is a disconnect between members’ self-perceived health status and the profiles of their health risks, which highlights the need for broad awareness about risks and ongoing management of chronic conditions,” says Sloan.

“We might send a member an unactivated gift card with clear instructions to take it to a kiosk at a retail pharmacy. Our data center identifies it as a particular member who has a particular questionnaire or HRA to complete. As soon as the member answers our last question, we load funds on their card that they can spend in that same store visit, which provides a real-time intervention opportunity, access to healthy foods and financial assistance.

“We use that [information] to help the plan understand their population and target specific interventions.”

“We believe that we can be a part of making health care more accessible and affordable,” Prohofsky says. “Walmart can help to create that holistic experience for customers, and this has inspired the diversity of programs, services, and even products that we offer.”

Click here to listen to the 30 minute webinar in its entirety.

If you work with a health plan seeking to improve your member engagement to incentivize healthy behavior, contact us today.



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