It takes a village – and a LOT of tech – to keep 3,600 wellness kiosks generating the data, health assessments and incentivization programs from 2-3 million consumer interactions every month. SIM cards, modems and carrier cost management are ever-evolving and require both maintenance, replacement and upgrading to deliver continuous value for our health plan and wellness advertiser partners.

From a recently published case study from our partners at TeraNova:

“Pursuant needed a simpler, more robust and elegant way to deploy its IoT network so TeraNova partnered with Webbing, a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), and MultiTech, an IoT equipment manufacturer, to bundle the perfect solution. They integrated Webbing’s smart SIM card into MultiTech’s Dragonfly cellular module, which has a radio that bridges connectivity from the PC to nearby cell towers.

As an MVNO with global 4G and LTE network agreements in place, Webbing provides coverage across the top two to three cellular networks in each country on a single “smart” SIM card. At the point of deployment, the SIM will automatically connect to the best network based on signal strength and service quality, and for quite a bit less than working directly with the carriers, too.

The smart SIM monitors the quality of service (QoS) and if a failure or network congestion is detected, it reconnects to another network within seconds, thereby providing the high uptime and throughput that Pursuant needs to provide its services.


“We needed a better and more cost-efficient IoT solution that would minimize offline issues, and we needed it to be self-healing,” explains Eugene Borrowes, director of logistics for Pursuant Health. “With TeraNova’s help, we secured a solution that did that and a lot more, improving and streamlining our operations and setting the stage for further expansion.”

TeraNova’s solution has delivered the following results for Pursuant Health and our partners:

  • Reduced carrier costs by 33 percent.
  • Provided a seamless process for retrofits and new deployments.
  • Eliminated the need for site surveys and signal strength testing at locations.
  • Reduced downtime because kiosks can re-establish connections automatically.
  • Provided software tools/alerts so Pursuant can monitor its network in real time.

“We are now leveraging advanced IoT technology to provide an even more robust foundation and efficient way to operate the business so Pursuant Health can focus on delivering effective and accessible preventive health care screening to every corner of America,” said Natasha Royer Coons, managing director of TeraNova.

Thank you Bob Titsch and the TeraNova team for highlighting this important work that keeps our population health management platform humming. Read the case study in its entirety here.

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