Introducing the Pursuant Health Blog


In the past few months, our company has undergone a vast amount of changes. We changed our name and expanded our focus to employee wellness and gave our user interface a major overhaul. With all of these transitions taking place, we couldn’t think of a better time to start a blog to document the exciting things coming up for Pursuant Health.

Since we began as SoloHealth in 2007, we have touched nearly 84 million lives through our interactive health kiosks that are currently found in over 3,600 employer campuses, hospitals and retail locations throughout the United States. As these numbers continue to grow and we expand our reach, we wanted a name to better reflect our mission.

So why Pursuant Health?

To pursue something is “to seek to attain or accomplish a goal, especially over a long period.” We chose the name Pursuant Health because this is exactly what we aim to help our users to achieve with their health.

Reaching a health goal is not an instant accomplishment. It takes consistency and dedication over a long period of time to change certain habits and behaviors, and it is a process that we all must continually work towards. We want to help individuals not only start that process, but also pursue it until they achieve the outcome they want. Whether the goal is to lose weight, stress less, walk more—we will be there every step of the way.

With this mission in mind, we are working hard to expand our capabilities and enrich our kiosk with several new features and services for our users. This blog will serve as a platform for us to report on these upcoming product updates as well as company happenings and events. Additionally, this will be a space for us to talk about what’s peaking our interest in the ever-changing world of health.

We’re excited for what’s to come and look forward to sharing our updates with you!