Three Things Healthcare Executives Need to Know About the Retail Environment, explores the burgeoning “retailization” and the associated value healthcare executives can access by engaging consumers within the retail environment. Managed Healthcare Executive (MHE) recently published our Vice President of Quality Innovation, Jared Safran.

From the article:

The current merger mania among healthcare giants like CVS/Aetna, Walmart/Humana, and Cigna/Express Scripts points to the increasing importance of the retail setting as a hub for health engagement, whether it’s grabbing over-the-counter medication, filling a prescription, or having a health screening or lab test performed by a clinician.

The retailization of healthcare is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. Managed Care Executives should consider the retail environment as a priority member engagement channel. Plan members and consumers will likely spend more time engaging with their health in the retail store.

According to analyst firm NPD Group’s Checkout Tracking Service, 95 percent of U.S. consumers shopped at one of WalMart’s 4,700 stores or its website in 2016. According to Walmart’s own data, this translates into more than 140 million Americans every week.

If you want to improve engagement and incentivization with your plan members, and associated quality metrics, you need a thoughtful strategy to meet them where they are, while they are engaged with their health.

Pursuant Health utilizes a multi-channel network to strategically engage members in the retail environment. This strategy incentivizes healthy behavior and aims to reduce healthcare costs. Our national presence in the retail environment has allowed us to gather more than 17 million health risk assessments and more than 180 million overall health engagements to deliver improvements in member engagement for six of the 10 largest Managed Care Organizations in the United States.

You can read Jared’s full article published in Managed Healthcare Executive here.

If you work with a health plan seeking to improve your member engagement and incentivize healthy behavior through the retail environment, contact us today.