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Pursuant Health meets people where they are while they are engaged in their health – and this includes the web. With our state-of-the art website, individuals have the ability to take health risk assessments, monitor their health, and compare current and historical statistics.

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Engaging in Pursuant Health’s mobile platform is just as easy as getting on your phone! With our mobile site, users can log in and view their dashboard, which lays out historical data and current data and allows users to continually monitor their health.

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Because 79 percent of Americans live within 10 miles of a Pursuant Health kiosk, health and wellness companies, along with advertising agencies, find high value in partnering with Pursuant Health to make more out of their healthcare marketing budgets. As of September 2017, Pursuant Health has a presence in the following:

2,700 Walmarts

685 Safeway Grocery Stores

68 Schnucks

Employer sites including Dell, Kia, Adventist Healthcare and Sarasota Memorial Hospital

Click the map below to find a Pursuant Health kiosk in a Walmart pharmacy near you.