Pursuant Health’s purpose is to engage individuals to manage their health and improve outcomes. Our consumer-centric, multi-channel platform captures and integrates health-related data to incentivize healthy behavior. This population health data provides high ROI for health plans, employers and marketers of consumer health products. We meet people where they are while they are engaged in their health.

Through use of our multi-channel platform, which includes web, mobile, and health kiosks, our evidence-based approach incentivizes healthy behavior to reduce healthcare costs. Pursuant Health’s population health management platform enables the company to be a one stop shop and great partner for individualized healthcare engagement and incentivization. 

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On average, Pursuant Health engages with 2,000,000 – 3,000,000 Americans every month through a multi-channel population health platform. In-store or online, we meet consumers right where they are delivering ultra-customized, demographic and data-driven content that makes efficient use of marketing budgets for consumer healthcare marketers and advertisers.

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In providing optimal accessibility for members, Pursuant Health operates a multi-channel platform that utilizes web and mobile channels as well as our national health kiosk network to engage individuals and capture critical health information. We are a population health data company with a deep, measurable ability to reach members and collect an expansive range of data. This population health data provides health plans with the ability to identify members, fulfill quality measures and close care gaps.

Pursuant Health solves for the following shortcomings in U.S. healthcare delivery:

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Failure to immunize

The available scientific data continuously validates immunizations’ ability to avoid direct and indirect costs of disease and long-term disability. Yet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated just 41.7% of U.S. adults age 18 and over received flu vaccination coverage in the 2015/2016 flu season.

Pursuant’s Immunization Real-Time Incentive Program generates and opportunity for health plans to boost quality scores and control medical costs by providing members with immediate financial incentives for receiving immunization (e.g. flu shots, shingles vaccines, etc.) at convenient, low-cost retail pharmacies nationwide. During the visit, members can be educated on preventative care, complete biometric screenings and learn about ER diversion programs.

Health Risk Assessment

Failure to complete Health Risk Assessments

Population health risk assessment and management are critical to successful member enrollment in any health plan. This is particularly true for new state Medicare and Medicaid enrollees.

Pursuant Health users take over 600,000 HRAs per month. Co-developed with Cleveland Clinic Wellness, Pursuant Health offers a proprietary HRA that is image-based, NCQA-Compliant, and captures accurate biometric measurements, all within 4-6 minutes. Pursuant Health can also host Health Plan or State-specific HRAs and return responses to a central server in real-time. Pursuant Health’s HRA solution even helped reduce HRA completion time from 28 minutes to an average 9.7 minutes.

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The constant struggle with chronic care

Approximately 20 percent of the U.S. population accounts for 80 percent of national healthcare spending. It is a decades-old problem decades in the making and will take decades to unwind in the transition to value-based care.

You can now identify high-cost chronic conditions in members and provide them with a convenient program to manage their health while encouraging and rewarding healthy behaviors.  Pursuant Health integrates educational modules, controlled-spend programs, and valuable biometric data into a single, convenient platform, including our kiosks, in thousands retail pharmacies nationwide.

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Missed opportunities for real time intervention

Between primary care physicians, hospitals, retail clinics and telehealth, patient data is everywhere. While EHRs attempt to mature, there are too many missed opportunities for timely intervention at key points in a disparate care network.

The national Pursuant Health network complements both Telehealth providers and Retail Clinics by providing a self-service hub for capturing comprehensive health information. The network acts as an extension for brick and mortar models, and provides real-time intervention opportunities to facilitate Telehealth visits. Additionally, population health information collected by Pursuant Health can be shared with providers immediately via secure APIs, creating more streamlined and efficient clinician visits.

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Patient education and biometric data collection

How many of your plan members “know their numbers”? 
How many ways can they actually provide their biometric data and receive personalized education materials?

Would you like to avoid medical costs by improving immunization rates of your plan members? Are your reward and incentive programs performing as well as they should be? Are too many patients visiting the emergency room when a telehealth visit would suffice? How many of your members have seen a primary care physician in the last 12 months? More importantly, how many have NOT, and how do you know?

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality defines “quality of care” as “doing the right thing for the right patient, at the right time, in the right way to achieve the best possible results.”

This highly customized approach to defining quality shines a very bright light on the need to develop quality improvement plans based on membership data. These plans and their integral member engagement components must also take a data driven approach that accounts for social determinants. Quality managers must account for age, race, ethnicity, language, homelessness and more if engagement is to successfully contribute to quality gains.

To learn more about how you can reduce avoidable costs by improving member engagement and incentivization, contact us using the contact form below.