And rewarding participating retailers with a 97% spend rate on their incentive rewards


Incentives and convenience improve engagement with difficult to reach plan members

Preventable, chronic conditions like diabetes are a huge burden to the U.S. healthcare system, particularly in the managed care space. While many new cases can be avoided with interventions and programs made available by health plans, the challenge often lies with identifying the members in need of those resources.

Anthem Indiana Medical Director Dr. Kimberly Roop knew the plan needed a better way to engage new Anthem Medicaid members to acquire historic information about their health in order to address preventable, chronic conditions and implement timely interventions.

“If you have a landline, often you don’t answer it,” she says. “Or even your cell phone.”

In a society that is more connected than ever, managed care members often remain difficult to reach. In an effort to engage this historically hard-to-reach population, Anthem Indiana piloted a new model that coupled real-time rewards and convenience to collect critical member information and identify members in need of health resources.




79 percent of the U.S. population lives within 10 miles of a Pursuant Health kiosk
Using Pursuant Health’s network of health screening kiosks located in over 130 Walmart pharmacies across the State of Indiana, Anthem Indiana introduced a new method for plan members to take a Health Needs Screening (HNS) for a reward.

Through this new solution, members can visit their local Walmart store to complete the HNS on the kiosk touchscreen interface. The assessment is pre-loaded with member demographic data and uses conditional logic to only ask questions that are relevant to each particular member. This technology helps keep the assessment brief and user-friendly, and members can generally complete the HNS in 5-7 minutes. Upon completion of the HNS, $10 automatically loads onto the member’s Anthem Rewards card and can be spent on approved items in the same store visit.

What the early numbers tell us
Launched in August 2016, more than 4,000 new Anthem Medicaid members have completed the HNS. The program has helped the plan eclipse the 50% compliance rate which in turn helped them capture the withholds tied to this state mandated assessment. Additionally, Pursuant Health has observed a 97% spend rate of the incentive when members complete an in-store assessment at the kiosk.

The lesson: to improve engagement you’ve got to meet your plan members where they are. Anthem Medicaid serves markets in 20 other states including California where Anthem Blue Cross Medi-Cal recently rolled out an incentive program aimed at improving the rate at which its members with diabetes completed an annual retinopathy exam. Results are pending.

If you would like to know more about ways to improve your members’ engagement and incentivize healthy behavior by meeting your members where they are, email to learn more about our multi-channel health engagement platform today.


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