“I just wanted to thank you for saving my husband’s life!”

My husband, Ray, had not been feeling well for a couple of weeks. While we were shopping, he decided to check his blood pressure on the machine located in Walmart (in Irvine, CA).  It registered 215/96.  He thought there might be an error, so I checked my blood pressure; then, he checked his again – which was 210/95.

We went to the hospital that day (9/26/2015), where my husband remained for 6 days.  His blood pressure was through the roof, he had kidney failure that we didn’t know about, in addition to a tumor on his bladder.  They just diagnosed the tumor as being malignant.

We will learn more in the coming weeks about how bad the cancer is, but I wanted to say THANK YOU!!!  We can now get into action to get my husband healthy. While we don’t know the extent of how invasive the tumor is, we are grateful that we found out that there is a cancerous tumor so that we may go through the necessary treatments. Although my husband is very sick, we have a lot of hope because at least we know what’s going on.

THANK YOU, again, for having a blood pressure monitor in Walmart!

Rosanne (& Ray) Irvine, California, October 2015

User discovers high blood pressure at kiosk

“I started taking my blood pressure here on a regular basis while testing the unit and noted repeated high readings, went to doctor, he agreed with findings and put me on blood pressure meds… IT’S A MIRACLE MACHINE!”

Terry, September 2014

Fitness enthusiast discovers hypertension at kiosk

“I am 5’3, weigh 105 pounds and am an avid fitness enthusiast…so I was surprised to see high blood pressure readings when I was seated at the SoloHealth Station. Since this kiosk is  located in my company lobby, I continued to take daily readings hoping that the initial results were wrong. The elevated  readings continued so this prompted a doctor’s visit—only to confirm that the kiosk readings were correct.  I am now taking a  medication that is working beautifully in lowering my blood pressure and I am fortunate that I had easy access to a SoloHealth Station. Thank you SoloHealth!”

Sandy,  September 2014 

“He credits that machine for saving his life”

“Today one of my regular customers came to the pharmacy to thank us for having the SoloHealth Station. While waiting for his prescription he decided to take his blood pressure. His pulse registered at 32. His wife is a nurse and took his pulse when he got home. It was still at 32. Two days later he had a pacemaker inserted. He credits that machine for saving his life.

Pharmacist in Milwaukee, Wisconsin,  April 2014