We could try to tease you with leading questions and building a case for a ‘big reveal’, but we’ll just cut to the chase. The top channel missing from your 2018 healthcare advertising program is Pursuant Health’s network of thousands of health screening kiosks in Walmart and Safeway pharmacies nationwide.

Why? With rare exception, Pursuant owns the only screens for digital content left in Walmart and Safeway brick and mortar locations.

Targeted or Mass Marketing: We’ve got 79% of the U.S. population covered

Pursuant Health’s platform puts your marketing message in front of the right consumers at the right time. Our health and wellness screening kiosks in Walmart and Safeway pharmacies can place your product and message within 10 miles of 79% of the US population. Our smart-kiosk technology targets audiences for healthcare advertisers based on ailments, health risks and behavior. Healthcare advertising programs can also choose to deploy a more general consumer message and take advantage of our full monthly reach of 45-60 million pharmacy shoppers.

The last chance to influence a purchasing decision

The digital signage on the health kiosk is located in a highly visible portion of the pharmacy area and is estimated to reach over 45 million shoppers per month. Because 36% of Walmart shoppers visit the pharmacy department at least once per month and the average shopper spends approximately 10 minutes there per visit, marketers have the ability to deliver their message to consumers in a highly relevant, health-focused environment. For brands sold inside the store, this is the last opportunity to influence consumers before they make a purchasing decision.

Pairing in-store kiosk media with our HIPAA-compliant, ailment data-targeted digital programs which reach consumers on their desktop and mobile devices, we deliver highly customized, scalable, targeted campaigns across multiple screens and multiple touch points throughout a consumer’s journey.

Would you like to run highly targeted healthcare advertising over the last digital screens left in the store? Would you like the chance to engage millions of U.S. consumers with your health and wellness ads at precisely the point where they are engaged with their health? Have you discovered you can’t actually buy enough time – or are experiencing diminishing ROI – from your existing media channels?

Contact StephanieMyers@PursuantHealth.com to learn how Pursuant Health can customize a campaign to help you reach your specific marketing goals.