August 8, 2018 (Atlanta, GA) — Consumer health engagement company Pursuant Health recently fielded an analysis to determine the awareness and effectiveness of an in-store kiosk advertising campaign with Traditional Medicinals Teas. Pursuant Health operates a network of 3,400 health screening kiosks nationwide including Walmart and Safeway retail locations. The survey included 300 individuals that lived or worked within 15 miles of select Walmart stores where the campaign was displayed.

Visitors who watched the TV screen and/or touch screen watched for an average of four minutes. That’s a significant amount of time considering that 65% of consumers skip typical online video ads altogether, further demonstrating the value of retail health kiosks as a platform for health and wellness marketers to reach captive audiences with super-targeted campaigns.

Of the respondents who visited the pharmacy at the Walmart locations, 94% recalled the health screening kiosk. Of those who were kiosk-aware, 91% recalled the TV screen above the kiosk and 93% recalled the touch screen. Furthermore, 73% of the respondents aware of the TV or touch screen remembered ads for Traditional Medicinals Teas. The majority of kiosk-aware pharmacy visitors also recalled seeing Traditional Medicinals Teas products displayed on the side of the kiosk.

Over 140 million people shop at Walmart each week. In a recent webinar, Senior Director of Payer Relations for Walmart Jodi Prohofsky explained how Walmart customers engage with their health in the retail environment.

“They’re picking up medications or getting an immunization in our pharmacy,” Ms. Prohofsky said. “They might be seeing one of our eye doctors or picking out frames in our Optical Center. They’re being seen maybe by a nurse practitioner in one of our clinics. They may be doing a health risk assessment at a Pursuant Health kiosk — and they’re doing all of this in addition to buying their vitamins, over the counter items, fresh foods and exercise equipment.

“For us, health care begins at Walmart because it begins where the patient, the member or the customer is,” said Prohofsky. “And, they are definitely at Walmart.”

Marketers leverage Pursuant Health’s smart-kiosk technology to target audiences based on ailments, health conditions and behavior, or take advantage of their full monthly reach of 45-60 million pharmacy shoppers to promote a more general message.

“There are several obstacles that prevent the majority of Americans from seeing a doctor, making the pharmacy a critical point of care,” said VP of Advertising Sales for Pursuant Health Stephanie Myers. “Health care companies and marketers would be wise to give great consideration to the pharmacy as the first top in the POC healthcare chain.”

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