Pursuant Health. We turn populations into individuals.
Pursuant Health.
We turn populations
into individuals.

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91 percent engagement for employees and 70 percent engagement for their spouses
FDA-cleared health kiosks located within 10 miles of 79% of US population
industry leading engagement plus clinical expertise equals better outcomes

“…Easy access to wellness information allows us to focus on our employee well-being and create engagement tools needed to improve health outcomes. Pursuant Health helps us streamline the biometric screening process so we can easily capture important data we need to shape our wellness initiatives.”

– Terry Forde, President and CEO, Adventist HealthCare

Why Pursuant?

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An Evidence-Based Approach to Population Health

Pursuant Health partners with world-renowned behavioral change experts from Cleveland Clinic Wellness who specialize in developing evidence-based wellness programs. Pursuant Health conducts population level health screenings that follow United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) Guidelines. Under these guidelines, kiosks are utilized for non-invasive biometric screenings that determine risk based on age, gender and biometric data. Based on the risk level indicated by the screening results, a user may be directed to seek out additional testing in the form of blood work, home test kits or other lab procedures.

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Immediate Risk Targeting Technology

Core to our population health offering is the ability to target individuals, in real time, based on their specific health risks and behaviors. With our adaptive logic algorithms, health programs such as hypertension management are targeted to individuals with high risk blood pressure readings. Pursuant Health’s targeted messaging and personalized recommendations have resulted in enrollment rates 4x – 5x higher than traditional methods.

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A Unique Engagement Platform

With a national health kiosk network located within 10 minutes of 79% of the American public, keeping individuals engaged is more convenient than ever. Created with a continuous improvement process model, the Pursuant Health kiosk is a self-service engagement tool that is easily accessible for the majority of the US population. Program participants can conveniently manage their health through this broad network.

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A Financially Sound Approach to Population Health Screenings

By utilizing an existing national retail network, Pursuant Health provides a cost-effective solution for population health screenings that is available 24/7 (in select locations). Participants do not need to pay a copay or schedule appointments. Data collected from the Pursuant Health platform is 100% secure and connected. Additionally, real-time risk targeting and interventions provides increased enrollment into health management programs with proven ROI.

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