Keeping up with your health can be hard.
We make it easier.

The Pursuant Health kiosk gives you the convenience, control and connection you need to better manage your health.

Pursuant Health kiosk
Map of Pursuant Health locations across the USA in CVS and Walmarts

Conveniently located in a store near you

With over 4,600 kiosks in retail pharmacies across the country, your free health screening is minutes away.

Health information you can trust

Our kiosk is a HIPAA-Compliant, FDA-Cleared Class II Medical Device with a library of clinically-valid health assessments. That means you can depend on us for accurate, safe and secure health screenings.

Change you can see

Track your progress and watch your health change over time with a free account. Your weight and blood pressure readings are securely stored so you can view your personalized dashboard anytime, anywhere.

Designed with you in mind

We believe that everyone should have access to free health screenings. We strive to make our kiosk available, accessible and easy for all users.

What our users say

Learn why over 20 million people use our health kiosk every year.

“I just wanted to thank you for saving my husband’s life!”
“A customer’s pulse registered at 32. His wife is a nurse and took his pulse when he got home. It was still at 32. Two days later he had a pacemaker inserted. He credits that machine for saving his life.”
“It’s a miracle machine!!”

Connecting users with the right resources

Our platform bridges the gap between people and the wellness organizations that want to reach them. We work with health plans, consumer wellness brands and other health entities to drive awareness, action and better health outcomes.

Health Plans

Engage members in an entirely new and innovative way with our population health management solutions. 

Wellness Brands

Reach health-minded consumers and promote your brand with our in-store advertising opportunities.


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